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Hidden Spy Cameras For Business

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Hidden Spy Cameras

There are actually a variety of options which you have in terms of choosing the particular spy camera that you would like to put in place. One of the better actions you can take is starting with a camera that appears just like another part of the decor  displayed in your business. You can pick from a planter, smoke detector, or maybe a camera which can be hidden in the corner of a picture frame.
To begin, all you need to do is pay attention to the areas throughout the company that is at the mercy of theft. For the office setting, you might find  that you will be dealing with supplies that are disappearing faster than usual or that you have items missing from your kitchen area or cafeteria. Having hidden spy cameras for business will enable you to keep close track of these areas to be able to hopefully catch a member of your staff in the act. Over time, this will be the best way to save money and also aggravation.
These cameras are appropriate for not merely protecting company property, but additionally, you will have the capability to protect your workers should any kind of robbery occur on the premises. A growing number of robbery cases have already been solved just by police looking back through security footage which was captured on hidden spy cameras inside of a business. A number of these videos could be setup to time stamp images to be able to receive an accurate account of the items that may disappear from your business and at  what time.
If you have a business, you would like to always take the necessary steps to shield it at all times. Even though there may be many  sensitive areas of your organization that you have to keep safe, the proper safety measures and monitoring can actually make a huge difference. Today, a lot more business people would like to have the added security and assurance that hidden spy cameras provide. Overall, such hidden spy cameras for companies are always going be an intelligent investment in your company property.
Many individuals do not understand that there may be actually huge amounts of dollars that happen to be lost each and every year because of theft by employees. Once you add into this how much cash is lost from customer theft, you actually have staggering numbers overall. You can find easy steps you could take that may help you to shield your store and make certain you are not losing  valuable profits without the employees even knowing. This is just a few  guidelines on how to catch unknowing employees unawares and a great way of weeding out those that are not acting in your best interest by utilizing  hidden spy cameras for business.

A Quadcopter With Camera For Beginners

How To Choose A Quadcopter With Camera For Beginners

Multicopters are so cool, that there’s no wonder they have known a tremendous popularity increase over the past few years. As advanced technologies have become more affordable, a quadcopter with camera may cost less than $100, so most people can afford one.
gopro drone karma

gopro drone karma

Choosing a quadcopter with camera involves a certain level of research and a close comparison of various models. There are so many manufacturers and brands available on the market, that you need to take your time and gather all the information you can before making your final choice.
The best learner drone is the one that’s easy enough to fly and fairly inexpensive, so that you don’t regret it too much, should you crash and destroy it. Besides, it’s a good idea to choose a light quad, as it can cause some serious damage when it’s going to crash. If you intend to fly it only outdoor, you shouldn’t worry too much about this issue. However, if you know you are going to fly it indoors, you should refrain from getting a bulky Phantom 3, and choose a lighter model instead. By all means, you need to make sure your first quadcopter with camera features prop guards. Their role is to protect the rotors in a crash, so they are more than welcome. No matter how skilled you are and how fast you learn, you are still going to make mistakes and crash your drone, so make sure you limit the damage as much as possible.
Cameras are awesome, but they add more complexity to the gadget. They also consume a lot of power, thus reducing the flight time between two battery recharges. Nonetheless, even beginners have the right to produce their own aerial videos, so they should find some models of quadcopters with camera that won’t make a too big hole in their budgets. It’s worth noticing that there are such drones with cost very little, but they all have pretty low quality cameras with low quality lenses. They are just toys, very good for learning, but not suitable for creating professionally looking videos. Once you’ve managed to control your drone properly, it’s time to get a quadcopter with a better camera.
If you take all these factors into consideration, you have good chances to get a reliable quadcopter with camera right from the beginning, thus being able to enjoy your new hobby event from day one.

Purchasing A Digital Video Camera: A Novice’s Guide


Purchasing A Digital Video Camera

For any newbie photographer or a first time purchaser of digital video camera, choosing and buying a digital video camera can end up being a job. There is a lot that goes into purchasing a digital camera for the first time. You need not fret about that.
Digital Video Camera
Research study: Talk to individuals
Of all you should ask yourself, what are the functions you need, what type of photos you are going to click with your brand-new digital video camera. There are a lot of functions in a digital electronic camera such as modes, zooms, lenses, flash, focus, resolution, timer and viewfinder. You can talk to your family and friends and others to understand their view points on different video camera features like lenses and special mounts.
Price factor
Set a practical budget plan for your first electronic camera and try to find electronic cameras in that price variety only. Costs of digital cams have actually fallen considerably over the years. Still, a digital electronic camera purchase is just about expensive as its 35mm counterpart’s purchase.
Next, acquire a great knowledge about the designs of digital video camera you are considering buying. Don’t be a fooled by going  by your buddy’s camera. Be a happy owner of a digital cam that matches your needs instead of another person’s.
Please your requirements
As a newbie, you should look for models that are easy to operate and use. Do not go for fancy models. They may not satisfy your requirements.
Now choose your printing requires. If the majority of your photos will be uploaded to a website or emailed, you will not require a lot of mega pixels in your electronic camera. But if you are planning to make a great deal of larger prints, you need a cam with a lot of mega pixels.
By narrowing down your choices based on the required digital video camera functions, you can choose which video camera is the finest fit for you. Visit the shops and manage the gadgets personally. You must look around for the best rate. Pick up extra service warranty if any. Take some fantastic photos.
Below are a few of the fantastic electronic cameras for you:
1. Nikon Coolpix 4100: It is a  simple to use video camera. The video camera is an imaging marvel with 4.2 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom features to it.
Kodak Easyshare cx7330: This is a decent point and shoot cam that comes with 3.1 megapixels and a combined 10x zoom features. The camera does not have many expensive functions.
3. Canon Powershoot S410: This power shot camera from Canon is a four-megapixel camera. The electronic camera is extremely trendy to operate and indeed provide all the basic functions of an average electronic camera.
I make certain purchasing a digital video camera is no longer a job for you.
For any newbie professional photographer or a first time buyer of digital video camera, choosing and buying a digital video camera can end up being a task. You can talk to your family and pals and other digital video camera owners to understand their viewpoints on different cam features. Set a practical spending plan for your very first video camera and look for cameras in that rate range only. By narrowing down your alternatives as per the needed video camera features, you can decide which camera is the finest fit for you. Canon Powershoot S410: This power shot cam from Canon is a 4 megapixel electronic camera.
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Digital Camera Guide

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Canon Digital Camera Guide

Canon digital camera developments have constantly been at the forefront of photographic developments and their compact digital cameras package a range of functions into a stealthily small Canon digital camera body. Canon digital camera specialists are extremely experienced in cam manufacturer, leading-edge optical innovation, ultra high-precision mounting innovation, electronic device innovation and color management technology among others.

Throughout their continuing research study, the Canon digital camera advancement team has actually gathered a large amount of photographic information and also made broad analytical analyses of the frequency associated with taking photographs. This data resulted in the production of the Canon digital camera Photographic Space which is a graphical database of details connecting to the relationship between surrounding brightness and range between a Canon digital camera and the subject relative to the focal length and position of the zoom lens when photos are taken.
The Canon digital camera Photographic Space resulted in the advancement of a new scene-recognition innovation called “iSAPS” (intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space) Technology. Canon digitalcamera iSAPS Technology analyses the scene to be photographed and makes optimum changes of a variety of essential functions, including auto-focus, prior to the shutter is pushed.
The Canon digital camera iSAPS Technology closely approximates the camera-to-subject range based upon the lens focal length, zoom position and surrounding brightness which ensures the most accurate direct exposure and white balance settings for the total conditions.
At the high end of the Canon digital video camera, variety is their single-lens reflex, or SLR, cams. The Canon digital cam company has created ultra-high-precision imaging components and high-performance digital imaging engines so that their digital SLR electronic cameras have the exact same ease of operation as their 35mm film equivalents, however, produce exceptionally top quality images.
The Canon digital camera imaging engine, or DIGIC II, produces image information from signals output from a CMOS, or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, sensor. The CMOS sensor is actually the brain of any digital video camera. Canon established the Canon digital video camera DIGIC II high-performance imaging engine directly due to the increasingly high-resolution CMOS sensing units. With the assistance of a high-capacity DDRS DRAM (double data rate SDRAM) as the buffer memory, the Canon digital cam DIGIC II processes high-resolution images at ultra-high speeds.
Canon digital camera innovations have actually always been at the leading edge of photographic innovations and their compact digital video cameras package a range of functions into a deceptively small Canon digital electronic camera body. Canon digital camera specialists are extremely experienced in video camera maker, leading-edge optical innovation, ultra high-precision mounting technology, electronic device innovation and color management technology amongst others. All of this experience and proficiency is integrated to produce the Canon digital video camera PowerShot series and the PowerShot DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL IXUS series.

Drone Flying Legal Restrictions

gopro drone karma

gopro drone karma

Before you hit the trail to use your drone for aerial photography there are laws you need to take into account. There are age restrictions as well as licensing requirements that you must adhere to. Violation of some of these laws can result in costly fines. So it is imperative that you examine the laws for your area to make sure that you are in compliance. You might want to review the article below to acquaint yourself with new regulations.

FAA Drone Regulations – What You Need to Know Before Legally Flying a UAV – Commercial UAV News

“What do I need to do to legally operate my drone? This simple question is one commercial operators have been asking in one form or another for awhile now, and so many people have gotten so many different answers to it. Many people are simply trying to figure out where things are with FAA drone regulations, and a great deal of that confusion is unavoidable in light of that fact that what operators and organizations can and want to do in the air continues to evolve.

Many have been critical of the FAA for the speed at which they’ve moved around defining regulation, but it seems their pace has now picked up considerably. In December of 2015 the agency rolled out their Small UAS Registration Rule, giving anyone using a model aircraft for hobby or recreation an easy way to register their drone and fly legally. As has been the case for awhile, anyone wanting to fly for commercial purposes needs to obtain a Section 333 Exemption, but even this is set to evolve with the release of Part 107. Whether commercial operators should push through and try to secure a 333 or wait for Part 107 is a whole separate question.

Regardless of how laws and regulations change in the future, it makes sense to run through the basics around what everyone should be aware of if they’re flying for commercial purposes. These issues extend to operators as well as to anyone looking to hire someone to fly a drone for their project.

That said, let me stress that what’s here shouldn’t be the end of your research, but just the beginning. A couple good places to gather more insight around legalities are via Jonathan Rupprecht’s Drone Law Blog and Peter Sachs’ Drone Law Journal. No matter your resources or approach, it’s essential to gather as much info as possible in direct and indirect manners before taking to the sky. ”

If you are in the market for a drone camera the ad below might provide insights into product to your satisfaction


FEATURES: Attaches to bike, board, drone or any land, water or air R/C vehicle. Compatible with Android and iOS devices FPV capable with the free Drone view app
INCLUDES: Tactic Drone View Wi-Fi Mini Camera 4GB Micro SD Card (expandable to 32GB) Battery with Receiver Charge Leads USB Charger and Cable Remote
SPECS:    Video Resolution: 720P Photo Megapixels: 1 Operating Time: 45-60 minutes Weight: 1oz (27.5g) Width: 1.34  (34mm) Length: 3.1  (80mm)
COMMENTS: FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION OF FPV AIRCRAFT Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft.



Hidden cameras catch criminals


Hidden cameras are being used all over the world these days to identify and catch criminals.  Cameras can be found on street corners, shopping malls, convenience stores and just about anyplace where unwanted or criminal activity can be filmed in order to identify and convict criminals as the article below describes.

Catching Criminals On Film Hidden Cameras Develop Popularity – tribunedigital-orlandosentinel

“Surveillance cameras that police say help them catch up to 85 percent of robbers of small stores and restaurants in Orlando are being installed in Altamonte Springs, part of a quiet trend toward hidden security.

The cameras — small, quiet and able to operate automatically or at a cashier’s signal — have been placed in stores nationwide for 16 years.

Although some stores post signs saying that patrons are being watched, others choose to keep the existence and location of the cameras a secret to customers and employees. Some police departments also are reluctant to discuss the cameras for fear criminals will figure out ways to buck the systems.

Hidden cameras have been used for six years by convenience stores, restaurants and liquor stores in Orlando. Police would not give specific figures but said the cameras and their pictures have helped them arrest 80 percent to 85 percent of robbers, with a 100 percent conviction rate.

Orlando police would not give details about their cameras or say where or how they are used. They said the number of robberies dropped drastically when the cameras were first introduced, although such crimes have increased since and are keeping pace with the city’s growth.

In Orlando, robberies of convenience stores dropped from 36 in 1985 to 28 in 1986.

Statewide, 35,508 robberies were reported in 1985, and 3,908 of those were at convenience stores. In most of those — 2,419 — the robber used a gun. In 1986, robberies jumped to 42,817 statewide. There were 5,288 convenience store robberies, and 2,947 suspects used guns. No figures were available for 1987.

The city bought its first 25 cameras through a grant in 1982. Another 65 have been bought by stores through Orlando’s program. Orlando police maintain and provide film for the 35mm cameras, according to a police spokesman.

”The pictures give us a way to eliminate the one-on-one identification in a court case,” said an Orlando investigator who did not want to be named. ”Many times it’s the clerk’s word against the supect’s. It’s much easier to convince a jury with a 5-by-10 color print.”

Orlando police say they have used the pictures to convict suspects and break large robbery rings. The cameras also help curb employee theft.

Altamonte Springs police recently borrowed a camera from Orlando police for three months so they could test it. Even though there were no robberies at the convenience store where it was installed, the city has agreed to buy two cameras and start a program of its own.

Lt. Steve Garver said the first two cameras, valued at $522 each, will be placed secretly in convenience stores next week. The cameras will be rotated according to a weekly analysis of crime statistics.

”This is just another way of gaining evidence when we can’t be there ourselves,” Garver said. ”We don’t have the manpower to stake out every problem area.””

Article Source –


If a hidden surviellance camera is what you need for your home or business, you can check out the ad below to determine if Amazon has the correct one for your use.


hidden spy camera
720p High Resolution Video Recording with a Super-Wide 160° Viewing Angle offers you coverage of much larger areas.
Motion Detection means recordings will trigger upon motion entering the field of view. Voice Detection and Vibration trigger activation options also available.
Easy Installation with 3 recording mode options: Surveillance, On-the-go, or Custom.
Micro SD Storage supports up to a 64GB microSD card.


How to Choose a Digital Camera

Do you know How to Choose a Digital Camera?

When it is time to purchase that digital camera, do you know what you are looking for?  What features do you need? What brand is right for you?  These are just a few of the questions you need answered when trying to choose the correct camera for your needs.  Perhaps the article below from "HowStuffWorks" can assist you in making that determination.

How to Choose a Digital Camera | HowStuffWorks


"There are so many kinds of digital cameras out there that when you're ready to buy a new one, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some things to look at when choosing a digital camera.

  • Number of megapixelsAn image on a digital camera is made of thousands of tiny dots. A megapixel is a million pixels. The more megapixels your camera has, the better the resolution of your photographs will be. Most people don't need a camera with more than 6 megapixels [source: Consumer Reports, Taylor].
  • Type of camera There are different types of cameras on the market, from basic point-and-shoot cameras for taking pictures of family and friends to advanced cameras with lots of features for real photography buffs. A basic camera may cost between $70 and $500. An advanced camera will run you anywhere from $350 to $2000 [source: Consumer Reports].
  • Features Consider what features you want in a camera. These may include manual exposure settings and focus, zoom lens range, shooting, focus and flash modes, video and even 3-dimensional capability. Look at the lens quality, battery power and type of memory cards the different cameras use. Some "smart cameras" can set the exposure, focus and color balance, and can even detect smiles or warn you when a photo subject blinked in the shot [source: Consumer Reports, Taylor].
  • Brand Do some research to find out what brands and models consumers recommend. Different brands are known for selling cameras with different characteristics, so keep this in mind if you already know what type of camera you're looking for [source: Consumer Reports, Taylor].
  • Where to shop Consider shopping online, where you can find both a wide selection and low prices. Most stores only have one or the other. You may want to go into a store and try the cameras out before purchasing it over the Internet, though. Cameras have different idiosyncrasies that you wouldn't necessarily notice by just looking at a picture on a Web site [source: Consumer Reports].
  • Price Of course you don't want to pay a small fortune for your camera, but beware of prices that seem extraordinarily low. This may be because the camera is refurbished or being sold on the gray market [Sources: Consumer Reports, Taylor].


We hope this article has assisted you in determining the best digital camera to fit your requirements.

Drone camera intruder detection

A Japanese firm has announced a drone camera designed to provide surveillance and capture images of a intruder.  The drone will follow an intruder while taking pictures which can be used to identify the suspect.  The article below describes this amazing drone and hopefully it will assist firms in securing their properties.

Security Drone Detects, Follows Intruders With a Surveillance Camera – Campus Safety

“Once an intruder is detected, the surveillance UAV will lift off, hover at a height of ten to sixteen feet, and follow the suspect at speeds of justg over six miles an hour, described. As it tracks an intruder, a camera on the drone will attempt to take pictures of the individual’s face, vehicle and surroundings. This data will be sent to Secom’s security center, which will analyze the severity of the threat. This drone-based system provides a method of early detection that is far superior to Secom’s current security service, which uses static surveillance cameras and requires a visit by a security guard to assess a threat.
Secom began selling its small flight surveillance robot earlier this month with and an upfront cost of $6,575 for the drone, and a monthly fee of $40 for their associated services. The company originally planned to release its drone security system earlier this year, but issues surrounding the legality of drone flights in Japan delayed the business launch.”




Are Backup Cameras Working?


Backup camera effectiveness?


Backup camera




The jury is still out on the effectiveness of backup cameras.  Although backup accidents resulting in deaths has decreased, people ar still backing into things as the article below describes.  Here is a place to examine backup cameras if you are planning to purchase one for your vehicle.

Backup cameras havent stopped drivers from backing into stuff – LA Times

“That research on so-called “back-over incidents” comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration moves to make backup cameras standard and presses automakers to add a bevy of new technologies – from automatic braking to lane collision warnings – to even entry-level cars to reduce accidents on the road. Backup cameras have been around longer than other car safety tech, so the federal government has years of data on their effect. Between 2008 and 2011 – the most recent years for which data was made available by NHTSA – backup cameras more than doubled from 32% to 68% of all new cars sold. But injuries fell less than 8%, from about 13,000 down to 12,000. The improvement in safety has been very gradual from year to year.”

Author: Jacob Bogage

As you can see from the above article, backup cameras is not the end all to backup accidents.  It is still incumbent upon drivers to practice vigilant safety precautions when backing vehicles.


Rear view camera technology


Backup camera technology

More and more we are seeing advances in rear view camera technology being deployed in automobiles, trucks and other vehicles designed to make our highways safer. Vehicle manufacturers are deploying this technology at an amazing rate. By the year 2020, we will see over 109 million rear visibility technology deployed in vehicles in America as the article below explains.



rear view camera



Automakers view cameras as essential safety devices | 2016-01-04 | Assembly Magazine

“For decades, motorists have depended on side view and rearview mirrors when changing lanes or backing up. But, the good old glass mirror is slowly being replaced by cameras, sensors and display screens.

Cameras are a key component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology that is being mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The organization recently issued a final rule requiring rear visibility technology in all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds, including buses and trucks, by the summer of 2018.

The goal is to significantly reduce the risk of fatalities and serious injuries caused by back over accidents. According to the NHTSA, those types of incidents account for an average of 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries annually in the United States. Children under 5 years old account for 31 percent of back over fatalities each year, while adults 70 years of age and older account for 26 percent.

“The coming years will see vision systems grow even further with technologies like lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition gaining importance in many markets,” says Arunprasad Nandakumar, mobility team leader at Frost & Sullivan Inc.

Vision technology is currently available in many luxury cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Even some mass-market cars, such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry, already include backup cameras as standard equipment.

Strategy Analytics Inc. predicts that automotive camera volumes will grow more than 23 percent annually between now and the end of the decade, exceeding 109 million units by 2020.

“There is also typically a requirement for a high dynamic range, so that any on-board systems can still function in challenging lighting conditions, such as low winter sun or when entering and leaving tunnels,” says Riches.”

The cost of this technology is under $200 for most systems which is relatively low when compared to the benefits derived. If your current vehicle does not employ this technology you might want to visit this web site to explore the posiblility of purchasing this amazing camera technology.



Aftermarket Backup Camera Advise

Rear View Camera Advise

Now more than ever vehicles are coming equipped with backup cameras. With all the new technology in place some of they systems are quite simply amazing. The clarity and the sharpness of the picture along with the ability to see in multiple directions, is the new standard among the very best backup cameras.

You may be kicking yourself for not getting the backup camera installed and wished you had when you bought the car. Especially when you hear so many stories of accidents that could have been avoided if only the person was more aware of their surroundings. Well now you don’t have to worry about not having a camera because there are many quality aftermarket backup cameras on sale right now.

If you bought a new car and didn’t get the backup camera installed but still have the screen in your dash, then that is the easiest and cheapest method to purchase an aftermarket device. At this point all you need is the camera, and the only thing you have to decide is where to mount it.

As camera technology gets better each year you can now buy a complete aftermarket system that includes a dashboard screen with amazing clarity. Incredible picture viewing from all around the vehicle, and 3D technology are available on some cars. This is what you can expect in the future as car makers and aftermarket dealers alike look to expand on the market.

Right now many of these vehicle cameras are in the testing stage and being rolled out over the next several months. In the years to come you can expect aftermarket backup cameras to include technology that you never even dreamed was possible. These cameras are so tiny and fit almost anywhere on your car, so they aren’t in the way and able to get the clearest pictures.

When searching for a backup camera to purchase make sure you read plenty of online reviews. Since it is such an important function of your car once you get used to the technology you want to be certain that is working 100%. If the camera fails or has some type of lens issue while you’re backing up you could easily cause an accident.

With lots of aftermarket cameras to choose from, try to find one that is affordable yet convenient to install and comes with high satisfaction ratings.