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Are Backup Cameras Working?


Backup camera effectiveness?


Backup camera




The jury is still out on the effectiveness of backup cameras.  Although backup accidents resulting in deaths has decreased, people ar still backing into things as the article below describes.  Here is a place to examine backup cameras if you are planning to purchase one for your vehicle.

Backup cameras havent stopped drivers from backing into stuff – LA Times

“That research on so-called “back-over incidents” comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration moves to make backup cameras standard and presses automakers to add a bevy of new technologies – from automatic braking to lane collision warnings – to even entry-level cars to reduce accidents on the road. Backup cameras have been around longer than other car safety tech, so the federal government has years of data on their effect. Between 2008 and 2011 – the most recent years for which data was made available by NHTSA – backup cameras more than doubled from 32% to 68% of all new cars sold. But injuries fell less than 8%, from about 13,000 down to 12,000. The improvement in safety has been very gradual from year to year.”

Author: Jacob Bogage

As you can see from the above article, backup cameras is not the end all to backup accidents.  It is still incumbent upon drivers to practice vigilant safety precautions when backing vehicles.


Rear view camera technology


Backup camera technology

More and more we are seeing advances in rear view camera technology being deployed in automobiles, trucks and other vehicles designed to make our highways safer. Vehicle manufacturers are deploying this technology at an amazing rate. By the year 2020, we will see over 109 million rear visibility technology deployed in vehicles in America as the article below explains.



rear view camera



Automakers view cameras as essential safety devices | 2016-01-04 | Assembly Magazine

“For decades, motorists have depended on side view and rearview mirrors when changing lanes or backing up. But, the good old glass mirror is slowly being replaced by cameras, sensors and display screens.

Cameras are a key component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology that is being mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The organization recently issued a final rule requiring rear visibility technology in all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds, including buses and trucks, by the summer of 2018.

The goal is to significantly reduce the risk of fatalities and serious injuries caused by back over accidents. According to the NHTSA, those types of incidents account for an average of 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries annually in the United States. Children under 5 years old account for 31 percent of back over fatalities each year, while adults 70 years of age and older account for 26 percent.

“The coming years will see vision systems grow even further with technologies like lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition gaining importance in many markets,” says Arunprasad Nandakumar, mobility team leader at Frost & Sullivan Inc.

Vision technology is currently available in many luxury cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Even some mass-market cars, such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry, already include backup cameras as standard equipment.

Strategy Analytics Inc. predicts that automotive camera volumes will grow more than 23 percent annually between now and the end of the decade, exceeding 109 million units by 2020.

“There is also typically a requirement for a high dynamic range, so that any on-board systems can still function in challenging lighting conditions, such as low winter sun or when entering and leaving tunnels,” says Riches.”

The cost of this technology is under $200 for most systems which is relatively low when compared to the benefits derived. If your current vehicle does not employ this technology you might want to visit this web site to explore the posiblility of purchasing this amazing camera technology.



Aftermarket Backup Camera Advise

Rear View Camera Advise

Now more than ever vehicles are coming equipped with backup cameras. With all the new technology in place some of they systems are quite simply amazing. The clarity and the sharpness of the picture along with the ability to see in multiple directions, is the new standard among the very best backup cameras.

You may be kicking yourself for not getting the backup camera installed and wished you had when you bought the car. Especially when you hear so many stories of accidents that could have been avoided if only the person was more aware of their surroundings. Well now you don’t have to worry about not having a camera because there are many quality aftermarket backup cameras on sale right now.

If you bought a new car and didn’t get the backup camera installed but still have the screen in your dash, then that is the easiest and cheapest method to purchase an aftermarket device. At this point all you need is the camera, and the only thing you have to decide is where to mount it.

As camera technology gets better each year you can now buy a complete aftermarket system that includes a dashboard screen with amazing clarity. Incredible picture viewing from all around the vehicle, and 3D technology are available on some cars. This is what you can expect in the future as car makers and aftermarket dealers alike look to expand on the market.

Right now many of these vehicle cameras are in the testing stage and being rolled out over the next several months. In the years to come you can expect aftermarket backup cameras to include technology that you never even dreamed was possible. These cameras are so tiny and fit almost anywhere on your car, so they aren’t in the way and able to get the clearest pictures.

When searching for a backup camera to purchase make sure you read plenty of online reviews. Since it is such an important function of your car once you get used to the technology you want to be certain that is working 100%. If the camera fails or has some type of lens issue while you’re backing up you could easily cause an accident.

With lots of aftermarket cameras to choose from, try to find one that is affordable yet convenient to install and comes with high satisfaction ratings.