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Drone Flying Legal Restrictions

gopro drone karma

gopro drone karma

Before you hit the trail to use your drone for aerial photography there are laws you need to take into account. There are age restrictions as well as licensing requirements that you must adhere to. Violation of some of these laws can result in costly fines. So it is imperative that you examine the laws for your area to make sure that you are in compliance. You might want to review the article below to acquaint yourself with new regulations.

FAA Drone Regulations – What You Need to Know Before Legally Flying a UAV – Commercial UAV News

“What do I need to do to legally operate my drone? This simple question is one commercial operators have been asking in one form or another for awhile now, and so many people have gotten so many different answers to it. Many people are simply trying to figure out where things are with FAA drone regulations, and a great deal of that confusion is unavoidable in light of that fact that what operators and organizations can and want to do in the air continues to evolve.

Many have been critical of the FAA for the speed at which they’ve moved around defining regulation, but it seems their pace has now picked up considerably. In December of 2015 the agency rolled out their Small UAS Registration Rule, giving anyone using a model aircraft for hobby or recreation an easy way to register their drone and fly legally. As has been the case for awhile, anyone wanting to fly for commercial purposes needs to obtain a Section 333 Exemption, but even this is set to evolve with the release of Part 107. Whether commercial operators should push through and try to secure a 333 or wait for Part 107 is a whole separate question.

Regardless of how laws and regulations change in the future, it makes sense to run through the basics around what everyone should be aware of if they’re flying for commercial purposes. These issues extend to operators as well as to anyone looking to hire someone to fly a drone for their project.

That said, let me stress that what’s here shouldn’t be the end of your research, but just the beginning. A couple good places to gather more insight around legalities are via Jonathan Rupprecht’s Drone Law Blog and Peter Sachs’ Drone Law Journal. No matter your resources or approach, it’s essential to gather as much info as possible in direct and indirect manners before taking to the sky. ”

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