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Drone camera intruder detection

A Japanese firm has announced a drone camera designed to provide surveillance and capture images of a intruder.  The drone will follow an intruder while taking pictures which can be used to identify the suspect.  The article below describes this amazing drone and hopefully it will assist firms in securing their properties.

Security Drone Detects, Follows Intruders With a Surveillance Camera – Campus Safety

“Once an intruder is detected, the surveillance UAV will lift off, hover at a height of ten to sixteen feet, and follow the suspect at speeds of justg over six miles an hour, digitaltrends.com described. As it tracks an intruder, a camera on the drone will attempt to take pictures of the individual’s face, vehicle and surroundings. This data will be sent to Secom’s security center, which will analyze the severity of the threat. This drone-based system provides a method of early detection that is far superior to Secom’s current security service, which uses static surveillance cameras and requires a visit by a security guard to assess a threat.
Secom began selling its small flight surveillance robot earlier this month with and an upfront cost of $6,575 for the drone, and a monthly fee of $40 for their associated services. The company originally planned to release its drone security system earlier this year, but issues surrounding the legality of drone flights in Japan delayed the business launch.” http://www.campussafetymagazine.com/article/security_drone_detects_then_follows_intruders_with_a_surveillance_camera#