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Are Backup Cameras Working?


Backup camera effectiveness?


Backup camera




The jury is still out on the effectiveness of backup cameras.  Although backup accidents resulting in deaths has decreased, people ar still backing into things as the article below describes.  Here is a place to examine backup cameras if you are planning to purchase one for your vehicle.

Backup cameras havent stopped drivers from backing into stuff – LA Times

“That research on so-called “back-over incidents” comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration moves to make backup cameras standard and presses automakers to add a bevy of new technologies – from automatic braking to lane collision warnings – to even entry-level cars to reduce accidents on the road. Backup cameras have been around longer than other car safety tech, so the federal government has years of data on their effect. Between 2008 and 2011 – the most recent years for which data was made available by NHTSA – backup cameras more than doubled from 32% to 68% of all new cars sold. But injuries fell less than 8%, from about 13,000 down to 12,000. The improvement in safety has been very gradual from year to year.”


Author: Jacob Bogage

As you can see from the above article, backup cameras is not the end all to backup accidents.  It is still incumbent upon drivers to practice vigilant safety precautions when backing vehicles.